Experienced managing directors who wish to take the step from manager to entrepreneur or who, following a sale, are “free” for a new challenge, meet in the EBI Circle (Endurance Buy in Circle) on invitation of Endurance Capital in cooperation with PMC International AG.

The EBI Circle addresses entrepreneurs and managers with the following profile:

  • Toughened in the world of SME
  • Demonstrable success at senior management level with responsibility for the business as a whole
  • Ideally experienced as a manager in companies with private equity ownership
  • Willing and able to invest at least EUR 100,000
  • Willing to manage the company as managing co-partner for at least two to three years

As a member of the EBI Circle, you identify suitable companies and turn to us for a joint acquisition. We may also contact you with an appropriate deal opportunity. Of course, you are welcome to contribute with a simple referral as well and will be involved accordingly.

The aim of the meetings, which are held two to three times a year, is to exchange experiences and ideas combined with interesting presentations and case studies on the subject of “management buy-in”. In addition, they strengthen the personal networks.

If you feel capable to join us actively shaping the EBI Circle and our approach appeals to you, we would be delighted to hear from you, ideally with your current profile and further information about yourself. We take a special interest about the area you think would suit you personally for a commitment as an entrepreneur in a medium-sized company.