Reliability, experience and fairness are what you need, especially in tense business situations.

Since its founding, Endurance Capital has repeatedly acquired companies in restructuring situations with the aim of placing these companies back on the road to success both strategically and operationally.

In doing so, we deal respectfully with the previous owners, the existing management and the employees, and come to understand the reasons for the economic difficulties. Even if determined and consequent action is required in acute crisis situations, the development of a balanced, fair solution is very important to us.

It is also important to involve the key external stakeholders in the solution. Within the context of our vast experience in this demanding investment field, we have a solid reputation among banks, restructuring consultants and large clients of those restructuring cases

In restructuring’s “major league”, Endurance Capital is probably the most experienced investor in the German market in the implementation of highly complex planning procedures.

Examples from our current portfolio are the PARAT Group, the Ecosoil Group and ISOG.