With this advertisement Ernest Shackleton recruited the 27 members of his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1914. Their goal was to be the first people to cross the South Pole. Shackleton sailed southward with the Endurance until, in February 1915, they were trapped by the South Polar pack ice in the most extreme weather conditions. Finally, Shackleton had to abandon the ship and the idea of the transcontinental journey and suddenly change the focus of the expedition to survival.

Thanks to the physical and mental endurance of the team and perfect navigation in the toughest conditions, Shackleton finally managed to bring all 28 members of the expedition back to England alive.

The Endurance Expedition is still considered one of the most impressive examples of managing a nearly hopeless situation.

90 years later Endurance Capital was founded as an investment company for SME companies in special situations. Endurance Capital AG, initially with one shareholder, one member of staff, and a small equity base, is now a diversified medium-sized industrial holding company.

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