Management Buy-in


You are an effective manager. You demonstrated in demanding managerial functions that you can steer companies successfully through stormy times. You have the ambition to develop from manager into entrepreneur.

Then this is the right place for you.

Become managing partner in an Endurance company.

Endurance Capital is seeking managing partners who – as a specialist in the relevant sector – can take over the leadership of the acquired company. You take a share of the company’s equity in accordance with your financial means. You will not only be a manager but also co-partner with Endurance Capital, an experienced investor in special situations as a reliable partner at your side.

MBO or MBI? It makes no difference:

You have a suggestion about a company, which is worth considering for a joint investment.

  •    It might of course be the company where you are already working as managing director or interim manager (management buyout, MBO).
  •    Alternatively, you are aware of a company from your practical experience that offers the chance for an investment (management buy-in, MBI).

If any of the above is the case, contact us. We are capable of acting on short notice!

The “Endurance Buy-in Circle”

If you do not have an investment opportunity to offer yet, but are determined to become an entrepreneur, the EBI Circle is what you are looking for!